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Japan’s PM not up to the job, claims wife

As leader of the world's second largest economy, Naoto Kan may be one of the most powerful men on the planet, but his wife, for one, is not in the least impressed.

Japan's new Prime Minister is a poor speaker, a bad cook and can't dress for toffee, according to Nobuko Kan, his wife of 40 years. Worse for the ailing country, he simply isn't a leader.

“He's more of a No 2 or a No 3 person rather than being at the top,” says 64-year-old Mrs Kan in a new book called Now You Are Prime Minister, How On Earth Is Japan Going to Change?

“Even as a family member, I could not give him even a passing grade for his delivery of a policy speech, or for the question-and-answer sessions after he became Prime Minister,” she added.

Published this week, commentators are divided on whether the book will hurt or boost Mr Kan's political career, which stumbled this month after his party took a pasting in |national elections. The 63-year-old Prime Minister told the Press this week he is “too scared” to read it.

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