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Jaycee Dugard 'sex slave' movie plan condemned

A spokeswoman for Jaycee Dugard said only Ms Dugard and her family should decide when and if a film is made based on the 18 years she spent with the man charged with kidnapping her.

In a statement, family spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer called a plan to make a movie about Dugard's life "exploitative, hurtful and breathtakingly unkind".

The statement came after Shane Ryan - the director of low-budget horror movies such as Amateur Porn Star Killer and Romance Road Killers - announced that he expected to start production next month on Abducted Girl, An American Sex Slave.

Ryan told Sacramento television station KCRA that he wants to focus on the relationship between Dugard and Phillip Garrido, the man charged with abducting, raping and holding her captive in his backyard.

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