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JFK fathered son in wartime fling, claims woman

By Colm Henry

“In the spring of 1945, I realised that I was pregnant. I told John and he offered to marry me. But it was out of the question.”


John F. Kennedy’s rather zealous love life is once again in the limelight after more claims emerge from an 87 year old woman.


Lisa Lanett has claimed she fell pregnant in 1945 during a passionate two year affair with JFK’s while he recovered from wartime injuries.


The affair began after they met in Phoenix Arizona while JFK was recovering from back surgery. He required the operation after his torpedo boat was rammed by a Japanese Cruiser during the Second World War.


On hearing the news that he was to become a father, he asked her to marry him, but she refused the offer.


 “I had a wonderful life at that point and didn’t want to give it up. Marriage was out of the question for me.”


Although he did not marry her, Lisa claimed he kept close to the family, seeing them “now and then.” Apparently he even paid the tuition for the child to attend a private military school outside New York.


Lisa admits that she has no way to prove the affair although it is true that Kennedy did indeed visit Arizona for a few weeks during his recuperation.


She has yet to provide an explanation as to why she has kept an affair with such an illustrious historical figure quiet for so long.


Tony Bohler (63), the alleged son and retired art dealer, was told that a Mexican man was his actual father. A fact that the son found hard to believe.


"My mother always told me her former husband, Juan, was my father. I'd always had my doubts because he, being a Mexican, looked very Mexican."


Senator Edward Kennedy, his brother, who was asked to comment on these allegations, has yet to respond.


This is not the first claim regarding ‘an old flame’ from Kennedys past. It comes a year after similar allegations were made by a Canadian man. Jack Worthington says that his mother had an affair with Kennedy following his election into office in 1960. However his mother Mary Worthington, a former Texas teenage beauty queen, has strenuously denied these allegations.

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