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Justin Bieber a 'talented kid' says Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has revealed that a new album should be out in 2015, before breaking with convention yet again to call pop brat Justin Bieber “talented”.

The drummer, 50, was asked by Argentinian TV station TN whether he was a fan of the “Boyfriend” singer.

Metallica, Justin Bieber, we can’t see it either, but Ulrich’s response was to call him “a talented kid”.

“Obviously he doesn’t make it easy for himself and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with everybody being on top of him 24 hours a day; I don’t wish that upon anybody,” he said.

Metallica had previously confessed to being fans of the Canadian pop star after he covered their 1984 song “Fade to Black” at a concert while playing air guitar.

“Are we Beliebers? Yes,” said frontman James Hetfield.

Ulrich also told TN that the heavy metal band’s hectic schedule has forced the recording of new material to take a back seat.

“We’ve got some good ideas,” he said. “Our biggest problem is not the ideas, our biggest problem is time. Metallica is busier than ever, it just seems like there’s more and more going on and the days get shorter and shorter.

“Hopefully we will be done writing this year. Next year we should record and hopefully have a new record out maybe next year.”

In other Metallica news, the US band are currently joint favourites with Prince to headline Glastonbury this summer, after Ulrich described the gig as “the one festival to elude us”.

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