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Libya denounces 'barbaric' attack

A Libyan government spokesman said that attacks on his country were "barbaric" and had "no excuse".

Speaking at a news conference in Tripoli on Saturday night, he said: "I am very sorry and saddened that my country tonight is facing a barbaric and armed attack from Western countries."

He said a rocket attack had been launched on "several locations" including Tripoli and Misrata, and described it as "an attack that has caused some real harm against civilians and buildings".

The spokesman said: "The attack comes as Libya has announced major developments and reform in economic and organisational contexts.

"The claim that this aggression is for the protection of civilians is contradicted by what has really happened on the ground.

"The number of civilians who have been hurt or harmed by this aggression tonight - the number is filling up our hospitals and ambulances are doing their best to save as many lives of civilians as possible."

He added: "This aggression will not weaken our spirits and will not convince Libyans to give up."


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