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Libyan forces cross into Tunisia

Libyan forces in more than a dozen military vehicles and armed with anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers have crossed the border with Tunisia and been involved in clashes in a frontier town, according to witnesses.

Tunisia's government was outraged and demanded Libya halt all incursions into its territory.

There were different accounts from witnesses of exactly what happened in the Tunisian town of Dhuheiba, about three miles from the border.

But several said Tunisian troops captured and disarmed some of the loyalists of Libya leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and drove others out of town. Three Tunisians were hurt, they said.

The Tunisian government expressed "extreme indignation" over the violation of its territory.

Ismail al-Wafi, a Dhuheiba resident, said the Libyan forces drove into the town and fired indiscriminately. Dhuheiba residents clashed with the Libyans and Tunisian troops eventually captured some and took their weapons.

Another witness said Libyan troops clashed with Libyan rebels in Dhuheiba before they were defeated by Tunisian troops. Some of the Libyans were captured and the others chased out, said the witness. "Gaddafi forces are no longer in Dhuheiba. They were defeated," he said.

The Tunisian news agency TAP said Tunisian forces fired in the air, but did not clash with Libyan troops.

The Dhuheiba border crossing has been a flashpoint in recent days. The crossing has been changing hands repeatedly between rebels and regime forces.

Rebels retook the crossing at some point on Friday, restoring a vital supply line to besieged rebel strongholds in western Libya, according to reporters at the scene.


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