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Little girl who had arm amputated finds friendship with a kitten that lost a limb

A three-legged kitten has been adopted by a little girl who had an arm amputated because of cancer - and they have become the best of friends.

Scarlette Tipton was born with an abnormally large left arm and diagnosed with a rare sarcoma that her doctors say is a "precurser" in her body, mutating into cancer.

They had to amputate her left arm to save her life, so at two years old Scarlette has spent most of her life in hospitals having had 19 surgeries, blood transfusions and numerous invasive tests.

On Christmas Eve the Tipton family, from California, went to an animal rescue shelter to find a pet - and found the perfect companion.

Rescue kitten Doc had had her right paw amputated after it was caught in the fan belt of a car where she was sleeping to keep warm.

Scarlette's mother Simone told Good Morning America: "When we were playing with the cat on the floor, Scarlette noticed it had staples on its side and a drainage tube sticking out, which she had to deal with as well, after her own amputation.

"She pointed at it, saying, "Owie, the cat is hurting" and placed her own hand on her left side where her amputation was.

"She's only two, but I think she really understood and it clicked with her that the cat was just like her."

A crowdfunding campaign has raised $56,740 so far to help with medical expenses.

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