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Livestock farmers in Sardinia plagued by swarms of locusts

The locusts have forced farmers to import hay to feed sheep and other animals.

Locusts (Dr Jerome Buhl/PA)
Locusts (Dr Jerome Buhl/PA)

An unusually large swarm of local locusts, estimated in the millions, is plaguing farmers raising sheep and other livestock in Sardinia.

The Italian farmers’ lobby Coldiretti says it has asked for government help, even though it is likely too late to save the hay crop and grassland that livestock needs.

Farmers have been transporting in hay from other parts of the Italian Mediterranean island, raising costs.

Swarming locusts (Dr Jerome Buhl/AP)

A locust expert, Alexandre Latchininsky, said on Monday that if the insects devour all the fodder, there is a risk they could attack other crops, such as grape vines, on Sardinia.

An official for the Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, Mr Latchininsky said it was not immediately known why the locusts are so particularly numerous this year.

Sheep’s cheese is an important Sardinian product.



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