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Low key family funeral for To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee

The funeral for To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee, who died on Friday aged 89, was as private as her life.

A few dozen family members gathered on Saturday at the First United Methodist Church in Monroeville, Alabama to hear a eulogy by her longtime friend and history professor, Wayne Flynt.

The eulogy, read by Mr Flynt, was the speech that he wrote in 2006 as a tribute when Lee won the Birmingham Pledge Foundation Award for racial justice.

Mr Flynt said Lee liked the speech so much that she wanted him to give it as her eulogy.

"I want you to say exactly that," Mr Flynt quoted Lee as saying at the time. "Not one thing more, and not one thing less."

"If I deviated one degree, I would hear this great booming voice from heaven, and it wouldn't be God," Mr Flynt said in an earlier interview.


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