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Man called Rambo wearing Native American headdress disarms gunman on train

'I try to bring things back to what they used to be, the indigenous way,' says Rambo Richardson

A man called Rambo wearing a Native American headdress disarms a gunman who had reportedly fired gunshots on a train.

Local police said Rambo Richardson intervened after the suspect fired his gun when a dispute arose with another man at a train station in the city of Portland, Oregon on Wednesday night.

Mr Richardson saw the gunman and his victim struggling and managed to take the weapon 'out of the equation' and helped hold him down until the police arrived, according to

Discussing the incident with the news outlet just afterwards, Mr Richardson said he acted in the way "people are supposed to", adding that he was trying to bring things back to "the indigenous way".

Mr Richardson said: “I just acted because that's what people are supposed to do.

"So I just tried to be an example for others. To try to bring things back to what they used to be, the indigenous way. Helping the community, not just standing by.”

Mr Richardson, who had long, dark hair and wore a large, patterned headdress with feathers, could be seen in photographs posted on Twitter shortly after the incident by an onlooker called Mike Benner.

Mr Benner described Mr Richardson as a "good Samaritan", writing: "The good sam is Rambo Richardson wearing the head dress. He says he didn't tackle shooter, instead he disarmed the shooter."

No one was injured during the incident.

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