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Man faces world's biggest speeding fine of £650,000

A Swedish motorist is facing the world's biggest ever speeding fine of £650,000 after being caught driving at 180mph on a Swiss motorway.

The 37-year-old Swedish man was driving at two-and-a-half times the speed limit in his £150,000 Mercedes and police said he was travelling so fast it took him some distance to stop.

In Switzerland, speeding fines are worked out using a formula based on the income of the motorists and the severity of the speed.

According to prosecutors, he is now facing the highest possible penalty of 300 days of fines at more than £2,000 a day.

By way of explanation, the motorist told police: "I think the speedo on the car is faulty."

Benoit Dumas, a police officer in the region where the six-litre Mercedes SLS was stopped, said: "He needed over half-a-kilometre of road to come to a halt."

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