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Man gives back Canadian pub's treasured Titanic art


Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

Artwork stolen from a Canadian pub owned by a Northern Ireland man was restored to its rightful place following a successful social media campaign for its return.

A framed photo of Titanic Belfast disappeared from the Old Triangle Irish Alehouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia, after a midweek event.

Brian Doherty said it had sentimental value as he and his wife Cheryl had personally chosen the picture to hang in the popular pub.

Video images taken after last orders showed a middle-aged man pausing to look at the photo and then lifting it off the wall and placing it under his coat, according to bar manager Erik Greiner.

"He decided to liberate the picture... and proceeded on his way," he said.

The owners and the bar staff took to the pub's widely followed social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook to give the man a chance to return the photo. It was returned in the post soon after.

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