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Man traps himself in hole he dug to spy on his ex

The 50-year-old had attempted to create a tunnel under her house.

The man was found in a dehydrated state (David Cheskin/PA)
The man was found in a dehydrated state (David Cheskin/PA)

A man had to be rescued in northern Mexico after he accidentally trapped himself in a hole that he had dug so he could spy on his former girlfriend.

The Sonora state attorney general’s office said the 50-year-old man had spent days digging the hole in Puerto Penasco, a town on the Gulf of California, only to become trapped and requiring assistance to get out.

The man had been ordered by the courts to stay away from his former girlfriend due to domestic violence charges, and he is now in jail, authorities said.

The newspaper El Universal said the man dug a tunnel under the woman’s house. It said the woman told police that over the course of a week, she had heard scratching noises but assumed the noise was cats.

When the sound grew louder, she investigated and found her former partner of 14 years trapped below. She said she had ended the relationship because her partner was very jealous.

Police said the man appeared intoxicated and severely dehydrated once they got him out of the tunnel.

Domestic violence is in Mexico’s spotlight this week after a woman was hit by a car and then stabbed to death by her husband outside the governor’s residence in the western state of Jalisco in an incident captured on video.



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