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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris 'was in hysterics'

Michael Jackson's 11-year-old daughter Paris curled up into a ball on the ground and cried when she saw her father's lifeless body, a court has heard.

One of the first bodyguards to reach Jackson's bedroom after the singer's doctor called for help described how the singer's children gathered by the doorway after his doctor had frantically tried to perform CPR.

Another bodyguard said the singer's face was pointed towards Paris and she screamed: "Daddy!"

Dr Conrad Murray is accused of causing Jackson's death by giving him propofol, which Jackson (right) called his "milk", to help him sleep. He denies a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

In the midst of the chaos, a bodyguard noticed that Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, had gathered by the doorway.

"Paris was on the ground, balled up crying," Faheem Muhammad said.

He ushered the children out of the room and then into a car so they could follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Mr Muhammad had been called by Michael Amir Williams, who was Jackson's personal assistant. In turn, he dispatched bodyguard Alberto Alvarez to Jackson's bedroom on the second floor of the singer's rented mansion in the ritzy Holmby Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

The room was off-limits to Jackson's staff, and Mr Muhammad paused before racing up the stairs after reaching the mansion just before paramedics.

He described a heart-wrenching scene. By then, he said, Jackson had been removed from his bed and was on the floor, where Murray, sweaty and frantic, was performing CPR.

Mr Alvarez was pacing nervously, Mr Muhammad told the jury. When he saw Jackson up close, he understood why.

"What did you observe about his face?" prosecutor David Walgren asked.

"That his eyes were open," Mr Muhammad said. "That his mouth was slightly open."

"Did he appear to be dead," Mr Walgren asked.

"Yes," Muhammad replied.

Earlier, Mr Alvarez testified that he was told by the doctor to gather medicine vials before calling emergency services.

Mr Alvarez said Dr Conrad Murray grabbed the vials from a nightstand next to Jackson, who was still in his bed.

"He said: 'Here, put these in a bag'," Mr Alvarez said of Murray.

Mr Alvarez said at first he thought he was bagging the items in preparation for a trip to the hospital. He said he trusted Murray because he was a doctor.

When he entered the bedroom, Mr Alvarez said, he saw Jackson's eyes were open.

Mr Alvarez testified that Murray only told him Jackson had had a bad reaction.

Mr Alvarez is the sixth witness to testify in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Murray, who has pleaded not guilty.

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