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Michael Schumacher: 'Journalist dressed as priest tried to sneak into injured racing star's hospital room'

By Jack de Menezes

A news reporter dressed up as a priest to attempt to gain access to Michael Schumacher’s hospital room where he is currently battling for his life after a skiing accident, the Formula One champion’s manager Sabine Kehm revealed.

Schumacher fell while skiing in the Meribel region in the French Alps, suffering a heavy impact on his head when he hit a rock that has led to two operations in an attempt to save his life by reducing the pressure on his brain that is being caused by swelling. Doctors announced on Tuesday morning that he had displayed a “slight improvement” after the decision was made to operate in a “window of opportunity” on Monday night.

However, Schumacher is not yet guaranteed to survive as doctors stressed he remains in a critical condition.

It seems that one reporter has made the startling decision though to ignore the wishes of both Kehm and the doctors to respect the Schumacher family’s privacy in what is a desperate time.

Speaking to German newspaper Die Welt, Kehm said: “Apparently, a journalist disguised as a priest has tried to get access to Michael’s room.

“This is something I would not have thought possible. As soon as his disguise was recognised, he expelled from the hospital.”

The number of media personnel outside the hospital has risen to over 100 since Schumacher’s arrival at Grenoble University Hospital on Sunday, with German, French and Italian journalists joined by those from the United Kingdom as well as Australia and Arabic channel Al-Jazeera.

The widespread coverage is a clear indicator of the shock that Schumacher’s condition has had on the world, with the 44-year-old being constantly monitored by medical staff while his chances of survival are being rated on an hour-by-hour basis.

Those with camera’s outside the hospital have agreed not to have them directed at either the emergency room or the window of the room which they believe Schumacher to be kept in.

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