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Moment Hillary Clinton realised she lost presidential race to Donald Trump revealed

By Denise Calnan

Details of the moment Hillary Clinton realised she had lost the US presidential race to Donald Trump have been revealed in a new book.

The final moments of her ill-fated campaign are described in, 'Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Election Campaign'.

Authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes describe how Hillary and Bill Clinton were joined by a small group of top aides as the results rolled in from across the states.

The small group of people, including campaign manager Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Cheryl Mills, joined the Clintons on their floor at the top of The Peninsula hotel, a five-star hotel located just a block away from Trump Tower.

The Clintons had their own suite for the occasion and the rest of the floor had been rented out for staff workspace.

According to the account, published in the New York Post, staff continued to prepare for the victory celebrations downstairs.

Mook turned to Hillary and said; "The president wants you to concede... I don’t see how you win this."

Hillary replied; "I understand."

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Hillary's close aide and friend Huma Abedin rang Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and asked for Trump.

The book details how Hillary took the phone, "faked a smile with her voice and spoke".

The extract reads; "Congratulations, Donald," she said, suppressing the anger that touched every nerve in her body. "I’ll be supportive of the country’s success, and that means your success as president." Trump credited her for being a smart opponent who ran a tough campaign. The denouement lasted all of about a minute."

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Not long after the call, Huma approached Hillary with the phone again. This time it was President Obama on the phone.

Hillary's first words to the then-president were; "Mr. President. I’m sorry."

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