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New evidence from convicted killer Adnan Syed's alibi in Serial podcast case

As a convicted murderer seeks a new trial in a case highlighted by the popular Serial podcast, an alibi witness who was never before called to testify has cast doubts about evidence from the case's former prosecutor.

Asia McClain, now known as Asia Chapman, testified on Wednesday during a hearing for Adnan Syed, who was convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee and is serving a life sentence.

He is seeking a new trial, claiming that his first lawyer was ineffective.

Ms McClain has said she saw Syed at a library during the time when prosecutors allege he was killing his high school girlfriend.

But she testified on Wednesday that prosecutor Kevin Urick convinced her that Syed was "100% guilty" and he later gave deceptive evidence about their conversation.

Ms McClain's testimony continues on Thursday.


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