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News Digest: Apple tightens iCloud security after celebrity picture scandal

Apple is planning to add more security measures to help protect its users after celebrities' private photographs were hacked.

CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal that Apple will use email and push notifications to let users know when someone tries to restore iCloud data on a new device, change an account password or tries to log on to an account with a new device.

Personal pictures of scores of celebrities, including Cat Deeley, wife of Co Down comedian Patrick Kielty, were leaked by hackers. Previously, there were no notifications for restoring iCloud data, but users did receive an email when someone tried to change a password or log in from a new device.

'Slave' family told to repay £2m

A family of millionaire travellers jailed for forcing vulnerable men to work for a pittance have been ordered to repay more than £2m.

A judge at Bristol Crown Court ruled the Gloucestershire-based Connors family benefited by more than £5m from their crimes and ordered them to pay £2,272,435.26 within six months or face prison.

William Connors (54), wife Mary (50), sons John (31) and James (22), and son-in-law Miles Connors (25) were jailed in December 2012 for conspiracy to require a person to perform forced or compulsory labour. Apart from William, they have all since been released.

Their profits funded a luxury cruise around the Caribbean and exotic holidays to Tenerife and Cancun in Mexico.

They also drove top-of-the-range cars, including a silver A-Class Mercedes saloon, a Rolls-Royce and a Mini convertible, and had built up a property portfolio potentially worth millions.

The Connors' enterprise came to an end when police raided sites in Staverton, Enderby in Leicestershire and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire in March 2011 following a lengthy surveillance operation.

120 million girls sexually abused

About 120 million girls worldwide have been forced to have sex, according to a United Nations report.

It also found a fifth of murder victims globally are under 20, resulting in 95,000 deaths in 2012.

Drawing on data from 190 countries, the report from the UN children's agency Unicef notes that children around the world are routinely exposed to physical, sexual and emotional violence ranging from murder and forced sexual acts to bullying and abusive discipline.

The violence "cuts across boundaries of age, geography, religion, ethnicity and income brackets," Unicef executive director Anthony Lake said.

"It occurs in places where children should be safe – their homes, schools and communities. Increasingly, it happens over the internet, and it's perpetrated by family members, teachers and neighbours."

Unicef also found that murder was the leading cause of death among males between 10 and 19 in several countries in Central and South America.

World's largest dinosaur skeleton is unearthed

Weighing as much as a dozen African elephants and clad in armour-plated skin, Dreadnoughtus – meaning "fears nothing" – would have lived up to its name.

The supermassive dinosaur, whose almost complete skeleton was found in southern Patagonia, breaks all records for the largest animal that ever walked the Earth. Dr Kenneth Lacovara, from Drexel University, Philadelphia, said: "Skeletal evidence shows that when this 65-ton specimen died, it was not yet full grown."

US airstrike kills leader of al-Shabab terrorists

The leader of the al-Shabab terror group was killed in a US airstrike on Monday, the Pentagon confirmed yesterday.

After Ahmed Abdi Godane was hit south of Mogadishu, an encampment and a vehicle were destroyed by manned aircraft and drones.

US President Barack Obama, speaking at the conclusion of a Nato summit in Wales, said the strike was an example of his determination to hit back at terrorists and warned he would use the same approach against IS militants.

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