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Newspaper fails in court bid to access Eichmann files

Germany's highest court has rejected a newspaper's bid to gain unrestricted access to all the foreign intelligence service's files on Adolf Eichmann, known as the architect of the Holocaust.

The Federal Constitutional Court said yesterday that the complaint was dismissed last month. No reasons were given for the decision.

Bild newspaper had sought to overturn a lower court's ruling last year that the BND intelligence agency was within its rights to black out passages from the files sought by a journalist attempting to shed light on whether West German authorities knew in the 1950s where Eichmann fled after the Second World War.

Court probes 'botched' execution

An emergency court hearing has revealed details of how a convicted murderer took nearly two hours to die after receiving a lethal injection.

The procedure prompted a series of phone calls involving the state governor's office, the prison director, lawyers and judges as Joseph Rudolph Wood gasped for more than 90 minutes following the lethal dose.

They discussed the brain activity and heart rate of Wood (55), who was seen to gasp repeatedly by witnesses to his execution at the state prison in Florence, Arizona, on Wednesday.

The judge was concerned that no monitoring equipment showed whether the inmate had brain function, and officials talked about whether to stop the execution while it was so far along.

Wood's defence lawyers had pleaded on the grounds that he could be suffering while strapped down, breathing in and out and snorting.

This is the third US execution to develop problems in six months. Department of Corrections director Charles Ryan read a statement outside his office dismissing any notion that the execution was botched, calling it an "erroneous conclusion" and "pure conjecture".

US in anti-aircraft rockets warning

The movement of Russian heavy-calibre artillery systems across the border into Ukraine is "imminent," the US said last night.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said the US had seen the powerful rocket systems moving closer to the Ukraine border and they could be put into the hands of Russian-backed separatists today.

US officials warned this week that they had new evidence that Russia intended to deliver heavier and more powerful multiple rocket launchers to the separatist forces in Ukraine. The claim came as a small group of Dutch and Australian investigators walked the site where Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 went down last week, killing 298 people. It is believed it was shot down by separatists.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said his country was ready to send 40 unarmed military police to rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine to help investigators, while Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has said his government was close to a deal to send police.

Surgeons remove 232 'teeth' from teenager

Dental surgeons in Mumbai have removed 232 small "tooth-like structures" from the mouth of a teenage boy with a rare medical condition.

Medics say the 17-year-old, from a village in western India, had been suffering from jaw pain and swelling for more than 18 months.

Surgeon Dr Vandana Thoravade said Ashik Gavai suffered from complex odontoma, a condition in which a tumour grows under the gum and creates tooth-like growths called denticles.

Taliban stops minibuses and kills 14 at roadside

Taliban insurgents shot dead 14 Shiites at the side of the road after stopping minibuses in western Afghanistan.

The buses were travelling from Kabul and carrying about 30 passengers, many of whom had gone to the capital to shop ahead of the holiday marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

After questioning the passengers, the Islamic militants identified 14, including three women, as Hazara Shiites, led them away and shot them.

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