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NI Nobel Prize winner Mairead Maguire opposes ‘punishment’ and military action against Russia


NI peace activist Mairead Maguire.

NI peace activist Mairead Maguire.

NI peace activist Mairead Maguire.

Northern Ireland peace activist Mairead Maguire has said that she is opposed to all military action against Russia.

The campaigner, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was speaking on the BBC’s Talkback radio programme when she said she didn’t think it would be helpful if the EU granted membership to Ukraine as a form of support – and further claimed the bloc had been “arming extremists” in Ukraine for some time now.

“Do not put NATO on our border, let there be neutrality and peace amongst the people here,” she said.

BBC presenter William Crawley posed the question to Mairead on Tuesday’s Talkback programme, to which he corrected “I am asking about EU not NATO.”

She replied: “The EU is now a back door to NATO.

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“The EU, instead of standing up for neutrality and dialogue, has been arming Ukraine and extremists within it for some time now, and so has Britain.

“Can you imagine in Northern Ireland if someone had of sent the extremists here piles of arms and enough money that they needed?”

Mr Crawley then asked if Ms Maguire supported the right of the people of Ukraine to join the EU if they want to “just as people of the UK voted in a referendum to leave the EU.”

She said: “I support the people of the Ukraine to make their own decision and if they freely choose to do that but I do not support the EU and the UN and the governments who are supposed to be working for world peace and being fair, demonising one country and punishing it in this way.”

She added that she “doesn’t support the invasion but I am trying to understand why would Russia do that.”

Mr Crawley asked if Russia should be punished if they do that, to which Ms Maguire disagreed.

“We have spent the last 15 years punishing those countries under NATO with war and its time it was stopped,” she said.

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