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No charges after naked meltdown by Kony2012 film-maker

By Stephen Foley

Jason Russell, film-maker and activist behind the viral sensation Kony2012, will probably escape charges after running naked through the streets of San Diego last week, police said yesterday.

Mr Russell's family said the bizarre incident was the result of a mental breakdown, brought on by exhaustion and a barrage of public attacks against him and his video demanding the arrest of the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

“We thought a few thousand people would see the film but in less than a week millions of people ... saw it,” said Mr Russell's wife, Danica. “While that attention was great for raising awareness about Joseph Kony, it also brought a lot of attention to Jason and, because of how personal the film is, many of the attacks against it were also very personal, and Jason took them very hard.”

Mr Russell was seen running around a busy crossroads in San Diego clad only in his underwear, shouting and gesticulating. He then removed his underpants and beat his fists on the pavement before being restrained by police and passers-by. He has been under psychiatric observation since last week.

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