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No plans for Gerry Adams to meet Donald Trump during St Patrick's US trip

By Jonny Bell

There are no plans for Gerry Adams and US president Donald Trump to meet, the veteran Irish politician has confirmed.

The Sinn Fein president is among many Irish politicians making the annual jaunt across the Atlantic for the St Patrick's day celebrations. Previously he had said that he would mean the new US president, if invited. However, he has now said there are no plans for the two to get together.

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Sinn Fein confirmed Mr Adams and deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald would leave for the States on Wednesday.

"The Sinn Fein leader will be in Washington on Thursday to meet with the Congressional Friends of Ireland group, attend the Speakers lunch and the St Patrick’s Day White House event," a statement said.

"The Sinn Fein leader will also meet with Irish American activists in a short 36 hour visit.

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Gerry Adams added: "The St Patrick’s Day celebration in the USA is a week-long celebration of all things Irish. It also a time when Irish politicians engage with Irish America on those issues of concern to both. This especially true for the peace process and the difficulties faced by the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish in the United States.

"My focus during this short visit is to brief Irish America and Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill about the recent election, the current state of the negotiations to restore the political institutions, the future of the Good Friday Agreement and the implications of Brexit.

"With the British Prime Minister Theresa May only days away from triggering Article 50 and for the negotiations on Britain’s divorce from the EU to commence, this is a hugely important issue for Ireland, for Irish America and the USA.

"There are no plans for me to meet with President Trump."

Last year the US Secret Service apologised to Mr Adams for denying him entry into the White House during his St Patrick's Day visit. It blamed a administrative error and the Louth TD was later admitted.

It is thought Trump and Adams first met in 1995 when the Sinn Fein president first travelled to the US after a travel ban was lifted. The Sinn Fein president has been pressed on if the billionaire property tycoon has funded his party.

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