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No wavering over Libya, warns Fox

The international community must show no sign of "wavering" in its resolve to protect the Libyan people from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces, UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned.

Following talks in London with French defence minister Gerard Longuet, Dr Fox denied the conflict had reached a military "stalemate".

He said the mission to defend the population would continue "for as long as there is a threat" from the regime's forces.

"We have very clear responsibilities under the United Nations resolutions to protect the population of Libya, and we will protect them for as long as there is a threat to those people from their own regime," he said.

"It is very important that we give no sign of any wavering in our resolution."

Britain and France have been at the forefront of the Nato-led operation to defend the Libyan population through air strikes on Gaddafi's tanks and artillery and the imposition of a military no-flight zone.

The Ministry of Defence said that in recent days RAF Typhoon and Tornado fighters hit two multiple rocket-launchers attacking the besieged city of Misrata and a Libyan main battle tank near Brega.

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