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Norgroves to visit Afghanistan

The parents of a kidnapped aid worker who died during a mission to rescue her from insurgents in Afghanistan are to visit the country to see the legacy she left behind.

Linda Norgrove, from the Western Isles in Scotland, was helping the Afghan people rebuild their war-torn country when she was taken hostage and then killed during a rescue attempt.

The 36-year-old was seized during an ambush in the Dewagal valley in Kunar province, Afghanistan, on September 26 last year.

In February this year, coroner David Ridley concluded that Ms Norgrove was killed by a grenade thrown by a US soldier during the failed rescue mission, but cleared him and his colleagues of any blame.

Ms Norgrove's parents, Lorna and John, have reportedly decided to journey to Afghanistan, to see what their daughter achieved during her time there.

The couple, from Mangersta, on Lewis, may also attempt to travel to the makeshift mountain compound where she was held for over a week before she died. They are expected to finalise their plans after the first anniversary of Ms Norgrove's death on October 8, and say they will wait to see "how dangerous it may be" at the time.

Mrs Norgrove, 63, told the Sunday Mail newspaper: "As a mother I would, of course, also wish to visit the place where she died. I suspect that will be very difficult on many levels. We have lost our precious daughter but there are many families there, too, who've lost people they love.

"We believe it's important for people here to see behind the war, to learn about the ordinary families, just like them, trying to cope in dreadful circumstances."

Ms Norgrove's parents have previously said that they do not hold anyone responsible for her death.

The family have set up a charitable foundation, known as the Linda Norgrove Foundation, which is aimed at continuing her work and has raised more than £360,000 so far. Money raised will go to fund women and family-orientated schemes, such as children's orphanages and scholarships for Afghan women to attend university.


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