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Norwegian mass murderer Breivik is mad, claims lawyer Lippestrad

Anders Breivik's lawyer, Geir Lippestrad, has said his client is insane and appears to have no idea of the worldwide revulsion at his acts.

Lippestrad spoke after talking in jail to Breivik who told him he thought his 'operation' was going to plan.

He revealed Breivik took drugs to be "strong, efficient and awake" before launching his Oslo bomb attack and island shooting rampage that together killed 76 people.

Mr Lippestrad described Breivik, 32, as a 'very cold' person who described the attacks as necessary because he was in a state of war.

"This whole case indicated that he is insane," Mr Lippestad told a press conference.

He said that Breivik claimed that he was part of an anti-Islam network.

"He talks about two cells in Norway, but several cells abroad," said Mr Lippestad.

He said that yesterday's brief remand hearing was held behind closed doors over concerns that Breivik might send signals to other cells, if they actually exist, if the court had been open to the media.

Breivik asked Mr Lippestad how many people he killed in the attacks.

Mr Lippestad said that Breivik sees himself as a saviour.

The lawyer said that the attacks were "absurd and horrible" and did not know why Breivik picked him for his defence.

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