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Obama urges scandal politician quit

President Barack Obama has increased pressure on US Congressman Anthony Weiner to quit, saying: "I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign."

In a rare foray into a congressman's ethical conduct, Mr Obama told NBC's Today show that Mr Weiner's sexually charged photos and messages online to several women was "highly inappropriate".

"I think he's embarrassed himself," the president said in an interview. "He's acknowledged that. He's embarrassed his wife and his family. Ultimately, there's gonna be a decision for him and his constituents. I can tell you that, if it was me, I would resign."

Mr Obama added: "Public service is exactly that, it's a service to the public. And when you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills, then you should probably step back".

Representative Nancy Pelosi, leader of Mr Obama's Democratic party in has urged Mr Weiner to quit, as have several other Democrats including party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

House officials said that the ethics inquiry is not yet extensive, and committee leaders have not indicated whether they will order a more intensive staff investigation.


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