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Obama was Choom Gang marijuana smoker: book

A new book has lifted the lid on US President Barack Obama’s school days when he and friends formed a gang in honour of the marijuana they smoked.

The Choom Gang was where the future president would invent inhaling techniques and the book even claims he rode a car called the Choomwagon.

In the book, Barack Obama: The Story, biographer David Maraniss said Obama 'was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends' like ‘total absorption' and 'Roof Hits' when the Choomwagon’s windows would be rolled up to stop any smoke from going to waste.

The book claims Obama loved his pot so much he was known for his 'interceptions' when a joint was being passed around, when he would but in for an extra hit when it wasn’t his turn.

Maraniss added: “Most members of the Choom Gang were decent students and athletes who went on to be successful lawyers, writers and businessmen.”

Obama dmitted smoking pot in his 1995 memoirs.

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