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Octuplets doctor expelled from medical group

The Beverly Hills doctor who gave fertility treatments to octuplets mother Nadya Suleman was expelled from a professional organisation.

Dr Michael Kamrava was kicked out of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine last month, group spokesman Sean Tipton said.

Mr Tipton said Dr Kamrava has repeatedly violated the group's standards. He declined to provide details but said Dr Kamrava was not expelled because of his work with any single patient.

A message for Dr Kamrava was not immediately returned.

Ms Suleman has said Dr Kamrava implanted her with six embryos - far more than national guidelines specify. Ms Suleman gave birth to octuplets in January.

She told she believed Dr Kamrava was a good doctor who always warned her about the risks of multiple births and that she felt bad about his expulsion.

"I understand however that he wasn't kicked out just because of me and because other cases were involved so I don't feel wholly responsible," Ms Suleman said.

The decision may be a blow to Dr Kamrava's prestige but it won't keep him from practicing medicine. Mr Tipton says the non-profit group has no such legal authority.

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