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A Bronze Age sauna and one of the oldest prehistoric roundhouses in the UK have been unearthed on a site earmarked for a park and ride scheme.

Archaeologists have uncovered 3,000 years of history at the site near the junction of the A358 and the M5 at Cambria Farm, in Taunton, Somerset.

The Iron Age roundhouse with a diameter of 56ft (17m) is one of the largest prehistoric roundhouses ever found in Britain. It is thought to date from around 700BC and has been uncovered alongside three other roundhouses.


Posters of naked women could be banned from Scotland's jails, prison chiefs have revealed.

A draft policy document has been sent to jails across the country proposing pin-ups displaying full-frontal nudity be stripped from cell walls.

Naked posters of men and women would be outlawed but "glamour" shots where the model is not completely nude would still be permitted. Heads of Scotland's 16 jails are now deciding whether to stop inmates putting up pictures that could be deemed "offensive to others".


An embarrassed father said he was shocked when his teenage daughter returned home from a sexual health workshop with a six-inch rubber penis.

Kevin Neal, 46, from Paignton, in Devon, father of teenage mother Kizzy, who previously hit headlines when she fell pregnant at the age of 13, said he was "bemused" by the NHS trust's decision to dish out the spongy penises.

Miss Neal was one of a group of young mothers who volunteered to attend a workshop given by the Chlamydia screening service at the specialist home she lives in with her 22-month-old son.


A man shot himself to death moments after realising he had run over a friend in a bar car park.

Witnesses saw Erich Schultz and Stacy DiJulius arguing after both had been drinking at the bar in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.

Schultz began to drive away in his Jeep, but DiJulius tried to get in as it moved and fell under one of wheels. He died later in hospital.


Residents in McCook, Nebraska, want to turn a disused electric chair into a tourist attraction.

Fifteen men were executed in the chair at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln before capital punishment was abandoned.

The town's chamber of commerce has put in an official request but the state corrections department said there were no immediate plans to move the chair.


A prostitute in North Carolina has been jailed after breaking down an apartment door and offering sex to the three men inside for 10 dollars.

Nicole Scarpone's excuse was that she had been engaged professionally at the house before.

But the court in Lincolnton found her guilty of burglary and prostitution.


Kebab lovers can now recreate the taste of their favourite late-night takeaway simply by adding boiling water.

Pot Noodle has launched a new kebab flavour that it describes as the "ultimate man food".

It is the first time in two years that Pot Noodle has launched a new flavour, following the introduction of the Lamb Hotpot, Tikka Masala and Chicken Satay in March 2007.


A rare Chinese vase worth £120,000 was discovered in a box filled with bric-a-brac.

The silver Tang vase, which dates from the 9th or 10th century, was found in a cardboard box at a sale in Scotland.

Now it could fetch at least £120,000 when it goes under the hammer at an auction next month.


The nation's changing tastes has seen rose wine and hot rotisserie chicken added to the goods basket used to measure the cost of living, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

Wine boxes and large "party-sized" bottles of cider were among items axed to make way for the new additions, which make their inaugural appearance in the basket, according to the ONS.

Increasing demand for free-range eggs has also seen them included in a sign of the shift towards more ethical food shopping.


Tourists who feed popular wild baboons in South Africa face fines under plans to keep the animals under control.

The chacma baboons have started breaking into cars in Cape Town in search of snacks.

Some now regard people as a source of food and have become increasingly aggressive to get it.


A man dressed as a policeman who ordered women to undress in their homes turned out to be a genuine officer.

New Orleans police said Darrius Clipps, who graduated from police academy last April, has been arrested for sex crimes.

Police were investigating three cases where a man dressed as an officer forced his way into a home, ordered women to undress and asked them about drugs.


Egyptian police seized a flock of 560 sheep about to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip through underground tunnels.

They were discovered along with the entrances to six tunnels in the Salah el-Din district north of the Rafah border crossing.

Gaza has been under a crippling Israeli and Egyptian blockade since Hamas took control in June 2007.


A dog walker claimed she met a man from another planet who said aliens were behind crop circles, military UFO files show.

The anonymous woman telephoned RAF Wattisham in Suffolk in a state of distress to describe her out-of-this-world encounter the previous night.

The woman told the operator at the base that the incident happened as she was walking her dog on a sports field close to her home near Norwich in 1989. She was approached by a man with a "Scandinavian-type accent" who was dressed in a light brown garment like a flying suit.


A British runner completed an exhausting world record after finishing seven ultra marathons in seven days on seven continents.

Jack Jones, 25, has run over 200 miles and flew more than 50,000 miles around the world in the past week.

He crossed the finish line near Wellington Arch in central London with fellow team member American Chris Cuddihy, 54, recording a time of six days, 23 hours and 35 minutes.


Ancient ruins aside, touring war-torn Iraq for the past two weeks has not been as satisfying as British visitor Tina Townsend Greaves had hoped.

Not because of safety fears. On the contrary. More because some sights she wanted to explore during her visit have been closed.

Greaves was one of eight visitors, including Britons and Americans, on the first officially sanctioned tour of Iraq outside the semi-autonomous northern Kurdish region since the March 2003 US invasion.


Scores of people applied to work at a US strip club - but few of them wanted to take their clothes off.

The Foxy Lady club in Providence, Rhode Island, held a job fair on Saturday, seeking to fill about 35 positions for dancers, masseuses, bartenders and bouncers.

The vast majority of the more than 150 job seekers were men looking to work at the door - and most of the women said they were looking for work that didn't involve taking their clothes off.


A chemical company in the US is offering a 5,000 dollar (£3,458) reward and a year's supply of toilet cleaning products for tips leading to the arrest of San Francisco's notorious portable potty pyromaniac.

The Oakland-based Clorox Company deployed a "potty patrol" team in the city on Friday to make residents aware of its offer marrying marketing and community service.

Since November, more than two dozen construction site toilets have been set on fire in the city, causing an estimated 50,000 dollar (£34,580) in property damage and leaving a trail of foul-smelling evidence.


A salesman is suing his former employer claiming he was fired from a 75,000-dollar-a-year (£52,000) salesman's job because of his waistline.

Patrick Ronayne, 61, from Michigan, is seeking more than 25,000 dollars (£17,200) from Winston Golf and Winston Manufacturing claiming weight and age discrimination.

The lawsuit claims the Bloomfield Hills man was let go with a statement "he was not a 'flat belly"' and was replaced by a thinner person. Mr Ronayne is listed in state records as 5ft 11 and 16 stone. But the employer says was let go because of his performance, not his weight.

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