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Oscar Pistorius 'beat Reeva Steenkamp with cricket bat before shooting her and dressing body' - book claims

By Denise Calnan

Oscar Pistorius beat his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat before shooting her dead, a book on the former Paralympian's murder conviction has claimed.

The book tells of how the 29-year-old athlete told his murder trial he bashed down the toilet door with the bloodied bat after shooting his girlfriend in his ensuite bathroom.

Pistorius claimed he killed law graduate and model after mistaking her for an intruder in his multi-million euro home in Pretoria, South Africa. His culpable homicide conviction was overturned by Supreme Court judges before Christmas.

As a result, his five-year prison sentence was changed and he now faces a sentence of at least 15 years.

Forensic expert brothers Calvin and Thomas Mollett have now released a book which re-examines the case.

The book 'Oscar vs The Truth' says the pair struggled violently with the bat before he followed her into the toilet with it. They claim that detailed expert analysis of evidence has been overlooked and say that two wounds on Steenkamp's back match the edge of the cricket bat.

They also claim that marks on the bat's handle suggest it was twisted in a struggle by someone trying to take it from the assailant's grip.

Furthermore, they claim the athlete dressed Steenkamp in a different top - as the gunshot wounds did not match the top she was wearing.

The book reads: “Is this how the rubber would have looked after only four blows, hard blows as they might have been?

“Or were there other blows and action with the bat as well? Was there some pulling and twisting on the rubber while one person tried to take the bat from another?”

The duo carried out their own tests and have suggested that there were at least 20 blows and forceful pulling in the attack.

The 208-page report continues: “The argument didn’t just take place in the bedroom but elsewhere in the house as well.

“It sounded like the woman was arguing with someone – although she couldn’t hear a second voice.

“The female voice was quiet for periods ranging from five to 20 minutes, and lasted for about an hour.

“Around 3am Reeva started fearing for her personal safety and locked herself in the toilet.

“Oscar went after her with a cricket bat, infuriated that she locked herself away from him, and to scare and frighten her, he hit the door with the cricket bat about 2-3 times and also hit the steel plate against the bathtub wall.

"The time was about 3.14.”

The report then ties in with the trial which concluded that Reeva was killed by four bullets which ripped through the bathroom door hitting her on the hip, head and arm.

Pistorius's next appearance in court will be a five-day sentencing hearing on June 17.

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