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Paris attacks: First footage shows moment Isis terrorist sprays restaurant with bullets... and woman's lucky escape as his gun jams

By Claire Cromie

Paris diners can be seen diving for cover from a hail of bullets in terrifying footage of the Isis attack on a restaurant on Friday night.

The first video to emerge from the attack on La Casa Nostra shows the terrorist's rampage with an assault rifle, spraying a restaurant with bullets as customers dined inside and on the patio.

Three CCTV cameras inside the premises recorded the heart-stopping moment at least 30 bullets were fired into the restaurant.

The diners immediately duck for cover under tables to escape the gunshots, which ricochet around the pizzeria engulfing it in glass and dust.

Two staff members dive for cover behind the bar, the male waiter later running downstairs to the basement.

A waitress later comforts a wounded woman who runs into the building.

One incredibly lucky woman would have died had the terrorist's assault rifle not misfired.

The footage shows him holding the weapon over her head as she cowered under a table outside the cafe. His AK-47 style rifle appears to malfunction, so he gives up, allowing her to run to safety.

The videos were obtained by MailOnline and miraculously, none of the diners or staff seen here died during the attack in the 11th arrondisement.

However one man coming to collect a pizza was shot in the back and died in the street outside.

The gunman escaped in a black Seat car.

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