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Plans under way to send second Irish ship to Gaza

Precautions are being taken in case of an attack against a second “freedom flotilla” to Gaza that is expected to involve an Irish boat and up to 50 Irish people.

Eight Irish were aboard the first flotilla which was stormed by Israeli commandos in international waters while en route to Gaza in May. Nine people were killed.

Plans for a second flotilla are being developed and yesterday a coalition of seven pro-Palestinian groups in Ireland launched a fundraising campaign to purchase an Irish ship.

About 15 ships are expected to depart from a Mediterranean port.

Dr Fintan Lane, an Irish campaigner who travelled on the first flotilla, is spearheading the project.

He said the coalition is raising funds to buy the boat, fuel, and to hire a legal team in case of more kidnappings.

“We're in the process of putting a legal team in place in case there is a situation similar to what happened the last time, and so we can provide legal aid for people,” he said.

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