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Playboy Berlusconi blew £29m in one year

Italy's playboy premier Silvio Berlusconi is very rich indeed. But while you might accuse him of various vices — as Milan's prosecutors are currently doing — parsimony isn't one of them.

Bank details leaked from magistrates probing his private life — and the nature of his relationship with teenage bellydancer Karima ‘Ruby’ El Mahroug — reveal a man who splashes out millions: €34m (£29.2m) last year, to be precise.

The usual billionaire's expenses of helicopter flights and maintaining luxury Caribbean estates figure on the Berlusconi bank statement.

And his generosity is evident in the gifts to friends and colleagues — such as the wedding present of £34,343 he gave to one of his secretaries, or the curious donation of £171,718 to the L'Aquila rugby squad.

Most remarkable, however, are the gifts and money he showers on young starlets who attend his infamous parties. In total, records suggest he gave £482,000 to 14 young women in 2010.

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