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'Pog mo thoin': executed killer's last words

An unrepentant Irish-American murderer told his executioner "pog mo thoin" before he was killed.

Robert Charles Gleason Jr (42) uttered the parting shot, which means "kiss my arse", as he was strapped in to Old Sparky at the Greensville Correctional Centre in Jarratt, Virginia.

The multiple killer from Boston and Richmond, Virginia, was the first condemned prisoner on death row in Virginia to choose electrocution over lethal injection since 2010.

In a controversial case that has renewed debate about America's policy on capital punishment, Mr Gleason begged to be put to death -- arguing he would kill again if he wasn't.

"The death part don't bother me. This has been a long time coming. It's called karma," the father-of-two said before his execution.

He was serving a life sentence for another murder when he strangled his mentally-ill, 63-year-old cellmate in 2009 when prison authorities refused to move the older man to another cell.

He then strangled another inmate through wire fencing when he was encased in a wire cage on the recreation yard of a highly secure prison while awaiting sentencing for killing his cellmate.

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He repeatedly warned authorities that more people would die if he wasn't killed himself.

"Why prolong it? The end result's gonna be the same," he said.

He also claimed that he killed up to a dozen other people but refused to provide details except to say that he only kills other criminals.

"I ain't saying I'm a better person for killing criminals, but I've never killed innocent people," Gleason said.

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