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Pokemon Go parents abandon screaming toddler (2) in sweltering heat to 'catch em all'


The child was left without water.

The child was left without water.

The child was left without water.

A couple abandoned their two-year-old toddler in 90 degree heat without any water to play Pokemon Go.

Brent Daley (27) and Brianne Daley, (25) left their son (2) at their home, southeast of Phoenix, for 90 minutes in 90-degree heat without water while they played Pokemon Go in surrounding neighbourhoods, according to the sheriff's office.

After receiving a phonecall from a concerned neighbour, police officers found the child at 10.30pm on Thursday night.

The sheriff's office revealed that the child was "screaming and crying [and] attempting to get into the residence," the release reads, adding that the boy was barefoot, red-faced and filthy.

Police officers found a phone number for Brent Daley, according to the release, so they called and told him his child had been abandoned.

Daley allegedly answered, then said "Whatever," before hanging up, officials said in the statement.

The couple returned and admitted to driving around the area, stopping at parks and elsewhere while playing Pokemon Go, officials said.

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