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Police attempt to track down snuff video maker who murdered man and posted his foot and hand to politicians

Police in Montreal are on the hunt for a porn star who posted a video online that saw him cut up and kill a man with an ice pick.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29 was not only seen brutally murdering his victim in the horrific 11-minute footage which has been taken down from a Canadian site only to keep reappearing but he proceeded to post the severed body parts to politicians in Canada.

The victim’s severed foot was found in the post at Canada’s Conservative Party’s headquarters addressed to Prime Minister, Stephen Harper while his hand was delivered to the Liberal Party in Ottawa.

The torso of the victim who has not yet been identified was then discovered behind the suspect’s apartment block.

Police investigating the case believe Magnotta who has a history of posting sick videos online including one that saw him torture and kill kittens has fled the country.

“As a father I would have trouble sleeping at night knowing that the suspect was in my neighbourhood. This is the kind of crime scene my officers have never seen,” said police chief Ian Lafrenier.

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