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Power of speech: Software gives radio reporter who lost voice new lease of life

Scottish company CereProc used recordings from Jamie Dupree’s long career to make his synthetic voice sound as much like him as possible.

Radio reporter Jamie Dupree confronted what some in his profession might see as an insurmountable challenge – he lost his voice.

The 54-year-old veteran political reporter found a workaround.

He focused on text-based reporting and communicated with interview subjects through note cards.

But not being able to speak was not just a problem in his profession, it affected every area of his life.

Two years later, he may have found a solution.

A Scottish company that creates text-to-speech technology has crafted a new “voice” for Mr Dupree.

Now software turns his typed sentences into spoken words.

CereProc used audio recordings from Mr Dupree’s decades on the air to create a voice that sounded as much like him as possible.

He said the voice “sounds slightly robotic, but I could hear myself”.

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