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Pregnant woman killed, baby saved

A gunman killed a pregnant woman inside a Catholic church and then committed suicide, Spanish police said.

However, emergency crews performed a Caesarean section on the woman and were able to save the baby.

A police official said another woman sitting nearby was wounded by a stray bullet in the shooting in Madrid, which happened before the start of Mass.

The pregnant woman was just days away from giving birth.

The official said a preliminary investigation indicated that the 34-year-old gunman was unrelated to 36-year-old woman he killed.

However, newspaper El Mundo reported the man used to be the woman's boyfriend.

The paper gave no source, and it was not clear if the child was his. It added that the baby delivered in the emergency procedure was a boy.

Neither has been named and the motive is unknown.

The newspaper El Mundo said the man knelt before the church altar as he shot himself in the head.

It quoted witnesses as saying the shooting occurred as dozens of people were getting ready for the evening Mass and the parish priest was putting on his gown.


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