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Queen and Duke visit flower show

When the Queen comes to town the fact an attraction may have closed is not a problem for the royal.

The gates to Floriade - billed as the southern hemisphere's biggest flower show - shut to the public in Canberra on Sunday.

But organisers resurrected the four-week event to allow the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh the chance to see hundreds of thousands of flowers that have been viewed by more than 400,000 visitors this year.

A team of gardeners spent the previous few days feverishly sprucing up flower beds, relaying paths and deadheading 100,000 tulips.

Tens of thousands of blooms were brought back from virtual death by watering over the past few days but signs of spent daffodils, irises and tulips could still be seen among other thriving plants.

Andrew Forster, the event's head gardener who took the Queen around the attraction, was impressed by the work of his staff.

He said: "It looks fabulous, the team of expert gardeners have gone through the event and cleaned it up and presented it how a Queen would like to see it.

"We have about 500,000 bulbs in the event and we've done a fair bid of deadheading for the tulips.

"Normally we stop watering on Saturday or Friday (in the final week) but I watered on Sunday night and Tuesday night to keep it going."

He added: "We have 76 varieties of tulips that peak towards the middle of the event, a lot of those have finished but there's still some others, which is great."


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