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Refugee crisis: Hungarian police use tear gas and water cannon after border fence breached

Hungarian police have used tear gas and water cannon after hundreds of refugees broke through a razor wire fence on the border with Serbia.

The police stopped the crowd, who threw plastic water bottles at them. There were no reports of injuries. Several people were seen with tears in their eyes from the gas.

The crowd coming in from the Serbian border town of Horgos remained in front of the gate facing the police cordon. A Hungarian water cannon was parked facing them.

Meanwhile, Germany has seen a decline in the number of new refugees arriving since it introduced border checks on the Austrian frontier, though the influx is still significant.

Germany imposed the checks on Sunday, saying it wanted to ensure that refugee arrivals were more orderly and that newcomers were registered.

Until then, trains full of refugees travelled straight to Munich, where 12,200 arrived on Saturday and another 7,100 came on Sunday.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tobias Plate said he does not yet have firm figures for refugee arrivals since then.

He says the numbers "have decreased very significantly" but are still in the thousands every day.

And a Hungarian court has found an Iraqi man guilty of "illegally crossing the border," the first conviction based on a new law meant to stop the huge flow of migrants into Hungary.

Hungarian media reported the judge ordered the man expelled from Hungary and banned him from returning for one year.

It was expected that he would be returned to Serbia, the country that many refugees have used on their way into Hungary.

The accused said he was unaware that illegal border crossing was a crime, but the judge rejected his argument, saying "ignorance of the law doesn't excuse anybody."

The judge said the four-metre border fence surrounded by razor wire should have given him a clue. The defendant also must pay 19,050 Hungarian forints (£45) in court costs.

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