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S Koreans sue over iPhone privacy

Tech giant Apple is being sued by 25,000 South Koreans for what they claim is an invasion of their privacy by the collection of iPhone user location information.

They are each seeking £570 in damages, said their lawyer Kim Hyeong-seok.

Apple has faced complaints and criticisms since it said in April that its iPhones were storing locations of nearby phone towers and wi-fi hot spots for up to a year. Such data can be used to create a rough map of the device owner's movements.

Apple also revealed that a software bug caused iPhones to continue to send anonymous location data to the company's servers even when location services on the device were turned off.

The company has said it will no longer store the data on phones for more than seven days, will encrypt the data and will stop backing up the files to user computers. It also has fixed the bug with a free software update.

Kim, the lawyer, took Apple to court earlier this year over iPhone privacy and was awarded £570.

He said he expected the first hearing in the new case to take place in October or November.

Kim said that decision to seek relatively small damages per person reflected that South Korean courts do not generally award amounts as high as counterparts in the United States.


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