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Sacked general misbehaved in Russia

An American air force general was sacked from his post for "inappropriate behaviour" while in Russia, it has emerged.

A report of the investigation into Maj Gen Michael Carey said he drank heavily and associated with "suspect" women - which may have posed a possible security threat.

Maj Gen Carey, commander of the 20th Air Force, was leading a US government delegation to a nuclear security training exercise in July when the alleged incidents happened.

After the Russia trip, a member of the delegation complained about his behaviour and following interviews with other delegation members, including Maj Gen Carey, investigators concluded that he "engaged in inappropriate behaviour".

"Maj Gen Carey kept late hours and consumed alcohol every day of the trip," the report said, "even to the point where it was visibly noticeable ... (and) one witness was concerned that Maj Gen Carey needed assistance standing."

Another member of the delegation told investigators that the officer, while on the trip, had said in front of others that the airmen in 20th Air Force "have the worst morale of any airmen in the air force" and that his superiors were not helping him solve that problem.

Asked about that claim, Maj Gen Carey told investigators that he did not remember saying his superiors were not supporting him and that he recently reported to the US Air Force's top officer that morale in his organisation was "solid."

In response to the report, he received what the air force calls a "letter of counselling" - a form of discipline for non-criminal misbehaviour.

After he was relieved of duty in October, Maj Gen Carey was reassigned as special assistant in another capacity, where he has no responsibility for nuclear weapons. He remains in that post.

His sacking was one of several setbacks for the nuclear force this year, which has been beset by serious security lapses and complaints of low morale.



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