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Santa Claus tracker and naughty list checker - when will he arrive in Ireland, UK, Australia and USA? Find out where he is when he sets off with Google and Norad

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Follow Santa Claus on his globe-trotting circuit from pole to pole - delivering pressies to every home from New York and London to Belfast and Rio. Find out when he will be at your home with one of our Santa trackers.

While preparing for the epic journey Father Christmas issued a reminder to children all around the world to hit the sack early and remember to hang out your stockings. Most important of all - no getting out of bed if you hear bells jingling or hooves tapping.

The Santa Tracker programme began when on December 24 1955 a Sears department store placed an advert in a a Colorado Springs newspaper which invited young readers to contact Santa.

Unfortunately they printed the wrong number, directing people instead to the number for Colorado Springs' Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Centre.

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The colonel who was on duty that night - Harry Shoup - instructed his staff to give all the children who called a "current location" for Santa Claus, and hence the tradition began. It continued when Norad replaced Conad in 1958.

Microsoft and Norad, as well as Google, are offering Santa trackers this year.

Google’s site, which allows children to learn to code while they are waiting, has been overhauled this year. It includes special illustrations and games that allow children to take part in colouring in challenges or dress up elves.

The map also allows children to track different holiday traditions around the world.

Google’s tracker is available on its own website, and has an Android app. The site and app will keep getting updated through the month, as Christmas approaches.

The Norad tracker is this year marking the 60th year that the US Department of Defense organisation has been tracking Santa. The service began on the phone but has since moved to a slick website that is built with Microsoft.

The tracking will begin in the early morning of 24 December, at the Norad site, but it is already showing a countdown and other information. The Norad site will start streaming videos then as well as allowing people to watch Santa as he flies around the world.

In the US, people can call into a number to get more information about where Santa is, or email, in a process akin to the phone call that began the system 60 years ago.

The site is available in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese.


And here are some seasonal jokes

What does Santa say to the toys on Christmas Eve?

Okay everyone, sack time!

Why does Santa like to work in his garden?

Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe!

What do you call a kitty on the beach on Christmas morning?

Sandy Claws!

Who delivers presents to dentist offices?

Santa Jaws!

Who delivers Christmas presents to elephants?

Elephanta Claus!

What do you get if Santa comes down the chimney while the fire is still burning?

Crisp Kringle!

Why does St. Nicholas have a white beard?

So he can hide at the North Pole!

What do you call Santa when he has no money?

Saint "Nickel"-less!

What smells most in a chimney?

Santa's nose!

What does Kris Kringle like to get when he goes to the donut shop?

A jolly roll!

What do you call someone who doesn't believe in Father Christmas?

A rebel without a Claus!

What is invisible but smells like milk and cookies?

Kris Kringle burps!

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