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Seven dead after Manila bus siege

The siege of a Philippines tourist bus hijacked by an armed former police officer has ended in bloody chaos with six of the hostages and the gunman killed.

Sacked inspector Rolando Mendoza, 55, armed with an assault rifle, had held 15 Chinese tourists in the bus parked across a main road in the centre of the capital Manila.

Police swarmed around the bus after hearing shots from inside and being told by the driver who had escaped moments before that Mendoza was shooting his captives.

Officers were able to release four of the hostages unharmed, but hospitals in Manila said at least another six were killed in the hijack.

During a day-long stand-off Mendoza had demanded that he be given his job back. He was sacked last year after being convicted of corruption.

He had been one of five officers charged with robbery, extortion and threats after a Manila hotel chef said police falsely accused him of using drugs to extort money.


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