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Shaker Aamer - Timeline of Guantanamo Bay case

The release of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo Bay marks the end of British residents being held on the Cuban military prison camp.

Here is a timeline of his case:

1968: Mr Aamer was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Medina.

1985: He moved to America and studied in Georgia and Maryland before working as a translator for the US Army in the Gulf War.

1996: Mr Aamer was granted leave to remain in the UK after he moved to Battersea, south-west London, where he met his British wife Zin Siddique. The couple married the following year and have four children together.

2001: Mr Aamer was seized in Afghanistan, where he claims he was working for a charity, by bounty hunters who handed him over to US forces.

2002: He was transferred to Guantanamo on February 14, accused of aiding al Qaida.

2005: Mr Aamer lost half his body weight in a hunger strike after he became an unofficial spokesman for detainees in the prison.

2006: His lawyers filed a report alleging Mr Aamer had been held in solitary confinement for 360 days and was tortured by beatings, exposure to temperature extremes, and sleep deprivation.

2007: Mr Aamer was cleared for release to Saudi Arabia after former foreign secretary David Miliband requested he be freed along with four other British residents in the prison.

2009: He was deemed safe for release a second time by a US tribunal. Again he was not freed after America refused to let him return to the UK.

2010: Mr Aamer's 12-year-old daughter Johina wrote a letter to then-prime minister Gordon Brown asking for his freedom while hundreds of people took to the streets in London protesting against his imprisonment.

2012: A series of protests took place across England to mark the tenth anniversary of his detention in February.

January 16, 2015: US president Barack Obama said he would "prioritise" his case after Prime Minister David Cameron raised Mr Aamer's plight in high-profile talks.

September 25, 2015: The US government formally notified the UK authorities that they would be returning Mr Aamer, although no date was set for his release.

October 30, 2015: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed Mr Aamer's release from Guantanamo Bay.

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