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Sheen torpedoed on stage tour debut

Charlie Sheen has been booed by audience members who walked out of his variety show debut in droves, demanding their money back.

Troubled Sheen, 45, and the women he calls his "goddesses" walked on stage in Detroit, Michigan, to thunderous applause during the first date of his planned 20-stop "Torpedo of Truth" variety show tour.

But the goodwill soon faded as audience members at the Fox Theatre began yelling at the sacked Two And A Half Men star for refunds and walking out.

Sheen hit back, quipping: "I've already got your money, dude," after an audience member booed

Sheen was fired from the hit CBS TV sitcom in March over his alleged drug use and increasingly erratic behaviour. Sheen responded by filing a 100 million-dollar lawsuit.

Sheen starred in a string of hit movies in the 1980s and 90s, including the Oliver Stone dramas Wall Street and Platoon and the comedies Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Major League. He later found small-screen success starring in the hit sitcoms Spin City and Two And A Half Men, where he seemed a perfect fit for his character, a womanising bachelor.

It remained to be seen, though, whether Sheen could sufficiently entertain a live audience for 90 minutes.

Some of the fans who gathered outside the 5,100-seat Fox Theatre before it opened its doors said they were hoping to hear the unrestrained rants the actor's become known for in recent months.

"It's kind of like a Nascar race. You're just tuning in because you're just waiting for the accident to happen," said Ronnie Prentice, 37, who lives near Toronto, Canada.

Sheen has made headlines in recent years as much for his drug use, failed marriages, custody disputes and run-ins with the police as for his acting. His father, actor Martin Sheen, has compared his son's battle against addiction to that of a cancer patient's fight for survival.


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