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Ship disaster leaves 52 missing

At least one person is dead and 52 are missing after a South Korean fishing ship sank in the Bering Sea.

Authorities rescued seven crew members and recovered one body, but weather and water conditions are complicating the search for the others, according to officials.

The crew included 35 Indonesians, 13 Filipinos, 11 South Koreans and one Russian inspector.

It is believed that the ship, which was catching pollock, began to list after stormy weather caused seawater to flood its storage areas. The 2,100-ton ship was 35 years old.

The South Korean foreign ministry said it asked Russian officials to work quickly to rescue the other crew members.

Kim Kang-ho from Sajo Industries, which owns the ship, said it left for the Bering Sea from a port in Busan, South Korea, on July 10. There are five South Korean-owned ships currently fishing in the Bering Sea to catch pollock, which is a winter delicacy in South Korea, Kim said.


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