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Shuttle skipper reunited with wife

Endeavour commander Mark Kelly and wounded US Representative Gabrielle Giffords are back together and they are not letting go.

A Giffords spokesman said the astronaut and his wife held hands for two hours.

They had last been together the day before Endeavour's May 16 launch at Cape Canaveral. Then Endeavour blasted off, spent 18 days in space, most of them at the International Space Station.

Endeavour landed on Wednesday and the six-man crew returned to a Houston public celebration on Thursday afternoon.

Ms Giffords, who was critically wounded in a January shooting, did not attend.

Mr Kelly rushed to the rehab centre after speeches and autographs, catching Giffords still putting on her make-up.

The Giffords spokesman said since then it has been all smiles and hand-holding.


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