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Soldier takes bullet to save human shield girl

A British soldier, who confronted a Taliban insurgent who was using a young girl as a human shield, was shot after he refused to fire for fear of hurting the child.

Lance Corporal Craig Murfitt showed nerves of steel as he watched the sniper take aim and pull the trigger before he was sent flying to the ground.

The father-of-one (25) said: “I knew I could take him down but I didn't want to run the risk of killing a kid.”

The rifleman had been on patrol when he was called to help colleagues in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

“I spotted three men with a child on a compound roof, about 300 yards (275m) to the front of the vehicles,” he said.

“Two of the men moved off, leaving one man with the child — it was a girl, no more than 10 years old. He picked up a rifle and moved behind the child, taking aim at me.

“I waited, hoping that the child would drop down and give me a clear shot,” he said.

But the insurgent fired and struck Lance Corporal Murfitt on his Mark 7 Combat Helmet.

“I felt the dent in my helmet and said ‘I've been shot in the head but I'm fine'.”

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