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Soldiers killed in compound attack

A Taliban gunman disguised in an Afghan army uniform has opened fire inside the Defence Ministry, killing at least two soldiers before he was shot.

The attack was the third deadly breach of security in Afghanistan in less than a week.

The Taliban said they planned the attack to coincide with a visit of the French defence minister who they believed was inside the compound. French officials said the minister, Gerard Longuet, was elsewhere.

The gunman was also wearing an suicide jacket which failed to explode.

On Saturday, an Afghan soldier working as a Taliban sleeper agent turned on his colleagues, killing five Nato troops, four Afghan soldiers and an interpreter. A day earlier a suicide bomber dressed as a policeman blew himself up inside the Kandahar police headquarters complex, killing the province's top law enforcement officer.

The latest shooting came on the same day that a protest against the arrest of a mullah in nearby Parwan province turned violent with protesters and police shooting at each other - killing at least one person.

The demonstration started over the arrest of a local mullah overnight in Charikar, the provincial capital.

Sayed Ahmad, was arrested by Afghan and Nato forces on Sunday because of suspected links to insurgents


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